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Craig LaGrassa
 Craig was the leader of the work shops and he is a gifted musician with the ability to instruct beginners with very limited skills to perform whole songs his ability to break things down and present it to a group is impressive. I have also taken guitar lessons with Craig and my playing has benefited immensely. Give the opportunity I'm sure he would be a valued instructor in any musical setting.
Through a workshop environment, Craig taught me many guitar skills for soloing, chord structure and basic song performance.
His calm demeanor and patience assisted in providing a very comfortable and fruitful learning experience. Mr.M
I approached Craig to introduce my son to the guitar because he expressed an interest in playing. Craig had him playing simple chords in one short lesson and within weeks he was playing songs. I was impressed with Craig's skill level and his patience. He's a natural teacher.
I have been taking guitar lessons with Craig LaGrassa. Craig has a very patient manner in his teaching style and he takes the time to ensure that I leave the lesson knowing how to practice what he has taught me. Craig conveys musical details that have helped me grow as a musician